The Metaverse and its economy is an irreversible mega-trend. It is still emerging, and maturity is far off, but the time to invest is now if you want to stay ahead of the curve. 

The assets in this emerging economy are nontraditional and so is the researching of these assets. New metrics and qualitative research are necessary to make good choices, and these skills are often (not yet) available in your analyst team. Hence, Metanomics has created an analyst-as-a-service model where we offer these research skills on a ‘book when needed’ basis. This service is available for a one time snapshot of the market or continuous input on this fast changing environment.

Product #2



Product #1

We research investment targets based on your preferred tickets size, geography, and domain preferences (XR, gaming, health, hardware, software, infrastructure, Web3 etc.)

Product #2

We research investment targets in a qualitative and quantitative way (tokenomics) based on your category preference (categories: DeFi, GameFi, Virtual land, DAOs, Marketplaces, etc.)





Product #3

We research investment targets based on your budget, blockchain (ETH, SOL, etc.)  and NFT type preference (f.e. collectables, art, music, real estate, wearables, play to earn, etc.)

Introduction session

Do you want a general introduction to the Metaverse, and it's economy? Book us for an introduction session where we explain the economy of the Metaverse and business models.  

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Check out our YouTube channel, we make weekly videos about the latest things in the Metaverse!


What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a new world that arises when we really start to experience the internet instead of seeing it as just a practical tool. This world is visually represented with tools such as virtual reality or mixed reality. A fully immersive virtual world, or digital elements superimposed on the physical world by means of augmented reality. These applications make it possible to build experiences for people that are very similar to those in the physical world. Even emotions can be aroused quite realistically.

Wat is de Metaverse?
Wat is de Metaverse?
Wat is de Metaverse?
Wat is de Metaverse?
What is the Metaverse Economy? 

This is the economy that takes shape with the creation of virtual worlds. As in any economy, goods and services are produced, consumed and traded. Here too, economic concepts such as scarcity, exclusivity, utility, etc. apply and the human motives continue to play a role in assigning value to something. The economy in the Metaverse is very young, and therefore in full growth and volatile. There are plenty of innovations heading our way in the Metaverse ecosystem: businesses, consumers, software and hardware builders are all part of this.

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We did a podcast on the Metaverse and it's economy with one of the biggest business newspapers in Belgium (podcast in Dutch).

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